Digital Devices On Desk

Providing Digital Solutions for Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Over the years, marketing has evolved from print to broadcast media and now into digital. A digital marketing strategy is imperative for your clients. The risk of not providing digital services to your client is that another agency may poach your client by offering comprehensive services that include digital. Agency Digital Solutions wants to help you protect your client base by offering digital services, which in turn, will increase billing without added agency overhead expense of establishing a digital division in house. A partnership with Agency Digital Solutions includes a non-compete agreement that stipulates we will never steal clients, rather we will only provide digital services to your clients under your agency’s name. Think of Agency Digital Solutions as your own division of digital marketing without all the overhead expense of running the department in house.

At Agency Digital Solutions, we will develop a clearly defined digital marketing strategy for your clients. Our approach is to outline smart objectives that assess the current marketing plan and reveal untapped potential with the integration of digital marketing. It is all too common for digital marketing activities to be developed in isolation; however, digital media works best when integrated with traditional media. As the digital arm of your agency, we will work with you to create a digital plan that is incorporated into your client’s overall marketing plan.

Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure

Prior to any discussions, a mutually acceptable non-compete and non-disclosure agreements will be signed by LeadPlan Marketing, Digital Agency Solutions, and your agency. Terms and conditions will be customized to your agency needs. Additionally, we will engage in discussions to fully understand your agency’s beliefs, culture, and vision of our future business relationships.

Benefits of Partnering with Agency Digital Solutions

Grow your agency by offering digital services that your clients want and need.
Increase customer retention and secure your agency’s future business.
Competitive pricing for digital services for your clients
Generate more revenue by upselling current accounts and securing new accounts
High percentage closing rates and professional presentations
Save on time and overhead costs by hiring a company with proven results

Building Blocks Of Your Digital Blueprint

Website Design

 Attractive, user-friendly websites that are made to convert traffic into sales.

Digital Advertising

Programmatic and PPC digital advertising campaigns that are focused on lead generation.

SEO & Content Strategy

Strategic plans to help your clients outrank competitors within organic search results.

Social Media

Social media marketing and advertising strategies to produce real results.