John Smiddy Co- Founder and Marketing Consultant

John is a former Media Consultant for both Fox and CBS affiliated broadcast stations. He specializes in persuasive writing, advertising copywriting, sales, and buying habits. He studied under Richard Johnson’s Hidden Marketing Assets program and Richard Boureston for copywriting and persuasive writing. John is a certified inbound marketer through Hubspot Academy. He has written TV commercials for clothing companies, wealth management, education systems, realtors, lawyers and much more.

Brian Boyer Co- Founder and Digital Strategist

Brian has over 10 years of digital marketing experience, has worked with over 200 clients, and previously managed a digital marketing agency. He is both Google AdWords and Analytics certified and has experience managing advertising campaigns. Brian has helped clients create marketing strategies using web design, SEO, social media, digital advertising, and everything in-between. His unique social media talents have taken viral videos all the way to Good Morning America.

James Zeits- Web Developer / Programmer

James has over 15 years of custom programming and website design experience and has worked with upwards of 100 clients throughout his career. With degrees in graphic design and visual arts, James has an eye for what needs to be placed within a website and how that piece should function. From professional design skills to custom coded websites, James can get produce a high-quality project. In his free time, you will find James exploring the outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, and tasting great food and drinks throughout the Traverse City area.

Kyle Hooper- Content Marketing and Copywriter

Kyle joined our team after earning his degree in advertising from Central Michigan University. He studied under professors with over 40 years of ad copy writing experience from the top Chicago advertising agencies. When Kyle isn’t wordsmithing, you can find him playing volleyball, golfing, or rooting on the Lions and Tigers.

AJ Anderson- Content Manager and SEO

AJ is the mind behind all things related to content creation, SEO, and all of the fun things that go into improving website rankings within search results. AJ is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and people. He’s had a drive to create since he was very young. AJ once resided in North Korea while serving as a member of the United States Air Force. These days, you’ll also find him spending time with his wife and kids, camping, river-kayaking, and shooting as many photographs as he can manage.

Bill Kring – Business Development

Bill is a former television executive and brings with him over 28 years in strategic planning and business development in Northern Michigan. Bill is passionate about guiding you through ideas, initiatives, and activities aimed towards increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, and increasing profitability by making strategic business decisions. In the simplest terms, Bill can help you take your business to the next level. In his free time, Bill enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing as well as exploring the restaurants, wineries, and breweries in and around Traverse City.