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While most marketing experts spend a lot of time informing their listeners on shiny new tactics, The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast takes a different approach. By educating our audience on the core principals and fundamentals, we give them the power to leverage appropriate tactics that work with an overarching plan of attack designed around their target market.

The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast brings expert interviews, updates on marketing trends, software, and AI, we are a source for anyone who wants to learn or expand their knowledge of marketing and increase their bottom line.

Recent Episodes:

EP 8: Influencer Marketing

EP 8: Influencer Marketing

Today’s guest is Carl Kuran, founder of Leefy Organics. As you learn about influencer marketing, Carl discusses his success with influencer marketing including a secret: passion over profit.

While a large audience doesn’t always translate to sales, get tips on how to maximize the conversion of your reach.

Ep 7: The Buyer’s Journey

Ep 7: The Buyer’s Journey

John and Mike have an entertaining and accessible conversation about the buyer’s journey. What is it, and how do we leverage it for our business?

Numerous examples illustrate how this works from the business side as well as the buyer. See why this is foundational for P5 Strategies.

Ep 6: Hospitality Marketing

Ep 6: Hospitality Marketing

John and Mike sit down in-studio with hospitality marketer and entrepreneur Kevin Spagnuolo to discuss connecting great businesses and events with the people that want to enjoy them.

Some of Kevin’s creations include What’s Up Traverse City, What’s Up Chicago, and Fingertip Concierge.

Ep2: The 5 Pillars of Online Sales Conversions

Ep2: The 5 Pillars of Online Sales Conversions

John and Mike discuss the 5 pillars of online sales conversion. Our proprietary formula is responsible for driving every marketing strategy we create. There’s also some hot advice on how having a great why the message can keep your wife extremely happy as well as the ins and outs of how online sales happen.

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