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Our Process

What to expect working with us.

At Agency Digital Solutions, we look at each project as a partnership. Therefore, ongoing communication, meetings to discuss updates, visits with your team and client, are all things you can expect when you work with us. We want to have an intimate understanding of who and what it means to be an employee, an owner, and a client of your agency. All of these things help us to produce solutions for your clients and represent you with clarity and professionalism.

We’re huge believers in the power of collaboration. The more fluid our communication is, the more efficiently we can achieve your goals.

Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure

Prior to any discussions, a mutually acceptable non-compete and non-disclosure agreements will be signed by LeadPlan Marketing, Digital Agency Solutions, and your agency. Terms and conditions will be customized to your agency needs. Additionally, we will engage in discussions to fully understand your agency’s beliefs, culture, and vision of our future business relationships.

To deliver this outcome, our process has five stages:

1. Discovery

After signing off on non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, we begin by performing a discovery session with you about the clients you believe will benefit from our services. This will consist of a general question and answer session, so our team will leave with an understanding of your client’s digital direction.

2. Client Audit

With the knowledge of the client’s digital direction, we will develop an in-depth audit program of all relevant digital assets and review them for compatibility with the client’s stated digital direction. Prior to starting the audit, discussions will be held between all parties sign off on the process, pricing, and expectations.

3. Presentation

Once we have identified opportunities in the client’s digital presence, our team will meet with you to discuss our findings and solutions for your clients. Upon your direction, we will develop a mutual presentation of those findings and solutions to your client.

4. Build

Once we have presented the findings and solutions, a detailed digital blueprint and budget will be developed for your client. We will take you and your client through the build process and related costs so all parties will understand the scope of the engagement. This process will confirm that their new and improved digital assets will meet their expectations.

5. Launch

The new digital assets are launched to the world! But the work doesn’t end there. For digital assets to be productive, they must be measurable! Our digital blueprint includes detailed analytic measurement capabilities. An ongoing analytic evaluation will be performed so your client’s investment and digital assets are optimized.